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Preclinical CRO


As your Mission Critical Science Partner, BioModels provides the ultimate preclinical Contract Research Organization experience. We specialize in preclinical animal models, focusing on cutting-edge research and clinically relevant disease models to evaluate your therapeutic.

Disease Areas


In Vitro and Ex Vivo

  • Tissue and Sample Processing
  • Cellular and Molecular Characterization
  • Gene Expression Analysis
  • Blood Sample Analysis
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Microbiology and Microbiome

  • Housing/Handling/Husbandry Strategies
  • Germ-Free, Gnotobiotic and Quarantine Isolators
  • Microbiology
  • Sequencing and Metagenomics
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In-Life Monitoring

  • Body Temperature Monitoring
  • IVIS Imaging
  • DEXA - Body Composition
  • HD Video Endoscopy
  • Laser Doppler Blood Flow
  • Tail Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Behavioral Assessment
  • Metabolism Endpoints
  • Grip Strength Meter
  • Administration Routes
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  • Cecal Cannulation in Rats and Mice
  • UUO in Mice and Rats
  • Subcutaneous Minipump Placement
  • ACL Transection
  • Excisional Wounds
  • Custom Surgical Models
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How We Work

BioModels' start-to-finish solution takes you from initial inquiry to study execution and data delivery. Our collaborative approach allows us to combine your study needs and our expertise to design and conduct a study that yields actionable data.

  • 1. Initial Inquiry

    By filling out the contact us form, our Business Development Manager will reach out to you directly with additional information and an introduction to our team.

  • 2. Concept and Consultation

    We will connect you with one of our experienced scientists to learn more about your study goals, our capabilities and next steps. At this point we may also get a CDA in place.

  • 3. Study Design

    Based on your needs, we will create a customized study design that outlines your study specifics (model, groups, dosing schedule, endpoints, etc).
  • 4. Services Agreement and Work Order

    Formal documentation will be reviewed and signed by both parties.

  • 5. Study Initiation and Data Updates

    We will provide data updates throughout the study for you to track its progression.

  • 6. Data Analyses and Final Report

    Upon completion of the study, you will receive the raw data initially, followed by a draft and final report of the findings.

Daniel Lichtman

Managing Partner