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Housing/Handling/Husbandry Strategies

Housing, handling, and husbandry strategies are critical variables in microbiome models, infectious disease models, and any rodent model where the microbiome may be a consideration. Decisions on how to handle, house, and perform animal husbandry for a project are dependent on the stability of the animals’ microbiome (either reconstituted or endogenous), how susceptible the microbiome is to disruption via contamination, and how likely the bacteria are to become a contaminant itself (whether within or outside a study). BioModels offers a wide range of customizable options that ensure every experiment utilizes the most appropriate housing, handling, and husbandry strategy.


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Biocontainment Vivarium:
Conventional Vivarium
Barrier and Germ-Free Vivariums

Barrier and Germ-Free Vivariums

Daniel Lichtman

Managing Partner