Disease Areas of Collaborative Focus


Custom Models

The pace of drug discovery of rapidly increasing. BioModels collaborates frequently on proof-of-concept experiments designed to validate novel targets and approaches from the literature or your lab. While our internally optimized disease models are suitable for many projects, we understand that each program is unique, and it’s our goal to provide custom solutions to our clients. We have a history of success with custom modeling approaches for numerous disease states with microbiome components.

The BioModels team encourages detailed discussions and consultation aimed at identifying the most appropriate study designs based on our experience and the ever-evolving literature base. We are skilled in the replication of published data and routinely adapt literature-based methodologies to suit research needs. Some of these projects are more involved than others, but whatever stage your current project/program stands, we are happy to help and continue to push it forward.

Daniel Lichtman

Managing Partner