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Germ-Free, Gnotobiotic, & Quarantine Isolators

Utilize germ-free, gnotobiotic, or pathogen models with confidence in BioModels’ germ-free, gnotobiotic, and quarantine isolators.

Germ-free and gnotobiotic mice provide an ideal model system for microbiome research. The lack of an endogenous microbiome in germ-free animals maximizes engraftment with a therapeutic microbiome, removes potentially confounding microbiome-based data interpretation variables, and enables direct determination of microbiome impacts on disease phenotypes. Validated quality control measures minimize contamination risk, and studies are available with or without microbial monitoring.

Isolators can also be used to house animals with a high infectious-risk, or for any experiment where minimizing the risk of outside/cross-contamination is a priority.

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Biomodels’ Germ-Free and Gnotobiotic Isolator Facility

For studies utilizing germ-free isolator housing, all in-life animal manipulations occur within the isolator, and studies are designed for minimal isolator entries.

Daniel Lichtman

Managing Partner