Collaborative Capabilities


In-Life Monitoring

The ability to monitor and collect data from experimental animals during the course of a study is a key factor in a successful pre-clinical program. BioModels offers a variety of in-life monitoring options such as body temperature evaluation, IVIS, body composition analysis (DEXA), HD video endoscopy, and more allowing for longitudinal assessment of study subjects over time. BioModels also possesses expertise in multiple administration routes to support specific test material and disease model requirements.

BioModels offers a fully equipped facility to support:

  • Body Temperature Monitoring
  • IVIS Imaging
  • DEXA – Body Composition
  • HD Video Endoscopy
  • Laser Doppler Blood Flow Monitoring
  • Tail Cuff Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Behavioral Assessments
  • Metabolism Endpoints
  • Administration Routes

Daniel Lichtman

Managing Partner