Disease Areas of Collaborative Focus



BioModels has extensive experience with a variety of animal models that capture critical mechanisms of neurological disorders.  Assess your test articles in established preclinical models of Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer Disease, depression, anxiety, fatigue and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) using a range of behavioral assessments coupled with histological and/or molecular endpoints.    

  • Evaluate experimental therapeutics in customized and off-the-shelf models of neurological disorders. 
  • Determine target engagement and mechanism of action in models that recapitulate complex mechanisms. 
  • Utilize behavioral endpoints such as: open field, wheel running, forced exercise, forced swim test, rotarod, novel object recognition, social approach, fear conditioning, elevated plus maze, tail suspension, grip strength and others.   
  • Work with the BioModels team to customize or develop models most suitable for your needs. 

Daniel Lichtman

Managing Partner