Immunological Methods to Enhance Translatability of Preclinical Models of Graft-vs.-Host Disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Presented By: 
Dominic Beal

Overview: Knowledge of the involvement of the innate and adaptive immune systems is relevant to the vast majority of disease models. Consequently the ability to integrate advanced immunological methods into pre-clinical models of disease markedly enhances their predictive value in the drug development process. Thus the application of flow cytometry, fluorescence- and magnetic-activated cell sorting, and adoptive transfers of immune cells have resulted in creating robust platforms from which potential interventions for immunologically-based diseases can be effectively and accurately evaluated. This webinar discusses the general application of immunological techniques to enhance the in-life and end-point analysis of existing disease models, as well as highlighting the use of specific sorted immune cells in two adoptive transfer-based models of graft versus host disease and colitis.

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