Dusquetide: Reduction in Oral Mucositis Associated with Enduring Ancillary Benefits in Tumor Resolution and Decreased Mortality in Head and Neck Cancer

AuthorsStephen Sonis, Mahesh Kudrimoti, Amarinthia Curtis, Samar Azawi, Francis Worden, Sanford Katz, Douglas Adkins, Marcelo Bonomi, Zack Scott, Jenna Elder, Richard Straube, Oreola Donini
PublishedMay 17, 2017
JournalBiotechnology Reports


Innate immunity is a key component in the pathogenesis of oral mucositis, a universal toxicity of chemoradiation therapy (CRT).  Dusquetide, a novel Innate Defense Regulator, has demonstrated both nonclinical and clinical efficacy in ameliorating severe oral mucositis (SOM).  Long term follow-up studies from the Phase 2 clinical study evaluating dusquetide as a treatment for SOM in head and neck cancer (HNC) patients receiving CRT have now been completed.  Extended analysis indicates that dusquetide therapy was well-tolerated and did not contribute to increased infection, tumor growth or mortality.  Potential ancillary benefits of duquetide therapy were also identified.

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