Metabolic Diseases

Biomodels has the ability to perform a variety of pre-clinical obesity studies using either commercially available genetically modified animals or diet-induced obesity (DIO) models to test the efficacy of potential therapeutics in the treatment of obesity and diabetes. Body weight, blood glucose levels, and serum chemistries are monitored in each of these models. Additionally, Biomodels offers animal models of diabetic ulcer/wound healing. In diabetes, ulceration of the skin may occur as a result of the body losing the ability to regulate sugar levels in the blood that ultimately leads to a buildup of toxic metabolites. In our model, using either genetically or chemically induced diabetic animals, we are able to produce a wound that mimics a diabetic ulcer seen in patients. As a result, the efficacy of potential treatments in the wound healing process can be evaluated using physical measurements, photography, and histopathology.

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