In Vitro Models

Biomodels offers a full-service in vitro facility equipped with cell culture, microscopy (including immunofluorescence capabilities), cell separation system, FACS analysis and a wide variety of assays to assess drug response. Our services include, primary cell culture, cell purification and enrichment for both adoptive transfer and cancer stem cell analysis, cell based assays including proliferation and migration assays, determination of cellular fibrosis via hydroxyproline assays, quantitation of cytokine levels and other secreted protein via ELISA, western blot, analysis of ex vivo cell populations by FACS, quantitation of alterations in gene expression via RT-PCR and cell transfection and infection for production of viruses to generate stable cell lines. Additionally, Biomodels’ microbiology facility (including anaerobic chamber), allows for the culture and dosing of aerobic and strict anaerobic bacteria.

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