Additional Models

Innovative and modified disease models are often needed to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of medicine and science. Biomodels offers customized solutions by working with clients to develop novel models for disease areas that may not be readily or easily standardized in the field. Further, models are sometimes necessary for areas in biological research that are a bit less mainstream, representing niche areas of inquiry.  At Biomodels, requests from clients for custom models have translated into the development of tested and validated models in Thrombosis, Blood Pressure Monitoring, and UVB-induced Dermatitis, as described below.  Furthermore, Toxicology & Pharmacology are integral to the development of novel compounds for the treatment of today’s most debilitating diseases. As such, we offer the capability to perform toxicology/tolerability and pharmacological assessments (pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics characterizations) of novel experimental compounds.

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