In Life Monitoring

Laser Doppler Blood Flow Monitor (Oxford Optronix)

For studies directed towards evaluation of the circulatory system, the Optronix perfusion monitor provides a quantitative assessment of blood flow. The device can be outfitted with non-invasive surface probes that can be applied to the skin of the animal; for more invasive and refined measures, a needle probe can be applied directly to exposed muscle or to a vein or artery of interest. Relevant Models - Blood monitoring, venous thrombosis, pulmonary disease, forced exercise.

laser doppler
Tail Cuff Blood Pressure Monitors

Allows for in-vivo assessment of blood pressure in conscious mice and rats.


TopScan Video Tracking Software (for behavioral testing)

This tracking system monitors the locomotor activity of rats and mice automatically and records their behavior for an extended period of time. The advantages of this system are its objectivity to measuring an animal's behavioral repertoire and the freedom to perform behavioral evaluations without the potential confound of an experimenter evaluating the animals while in the behavior room. Some of the measures tracked include: number of activity bouts, bout duration, duration percent, latency, distance traveled, velocity, and time spent idle. All of these measurements are performed and calculated automatically and accurately, providing a detailed representation of an animal's behavioral output. Relevant Models: Neuroscience paradigms, behavioral monitoring, chemotherapy and radiation-related fatigue.


Running Wheels

Running Wheel Behavioral Suite- with over 100 available running wheels for the evaluation of activity and circadian rhythms, our running wheel behavioral suite can provide detailed activity readouts over a long period of time 24 hours a day. The suite is insulated from perturbations of sound and light and the light schedule in the suite can be altered for circadian rhythm experiments. Data is analyzed in real time. Relevant Models - Circadian rhythm, Total Body Irradiation, Forced Exercise, Pulmonary Disease, Arthritis, Wound Healing, Blood Perfusion Monitoring, Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, chemotherapy and radiation-related fatigue

Running wheel
Metabolic Cages

Metabolic cages allow for separate collection of urine and feces from rodents for analysis of administered compounds and/or their metabolites.


Behavior Assessment

In addition to video tracking software and running wheel evaluation, we maintain an active behavioral program with capabilities for testing depression, anxiety, pain, neuropathy, and more. This includes access to an open-field evaluation paradigm, Morris water maze, forced swim, tail suspension test, rotorod, social approach, object recognition, T-maze, hot/cold plate, and Von Frey filaments.